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Baby Broadway, West Norwood

Taking on board a Granny’s opinion, a MotherCulture ⭐️⭐️⭐️/ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“We didn’t have that when you were a baby”, has become Granny’s favourite phrase since the wee man was born. Sometimes she’s referring to the ever-growing pile of baby accessories we have accumulated (she’s particularly enamoured by the shnuggle bath – “so simple, but so clever”), but more often than not she’s talking about the various baby events I take the wee man to. 

So when she came down from Scotland to visit her grandson (she claims she wants to see me too but she’s fooling no one), it seemed only right to treat her to the entertainment she had been deprived of when we were young. 

Holly had heard good things about Baby Broadway, so quicker than you can say “there’s no business like show business” – and despite fairly pricey £11.90 tickets (including booking fee on Hoop) – I booked the three of us, plus babes, to their event at the Old Fire Station in West Norwood. 

‘Organised’ was the first word that came to mind when we walked through the doors of this lovely old building. No sooner had we stepped over the threshold than a woman wearing a Baby Broadway name tag was ticking our names off a list and showing us to a room where prams were to be left. With everything on one floor, the baby changing facilities too, were very clearly sign-posted and we settled down for a quick feed before the doors opened. Granny was already impressed. 

We settled in the front row of the theatre (a novelty in itself, I’m more used to buying tickets for the west end in the Gods), leaving the floor space – kitted with play-mat and cushions – for more mobile toddlers. 

And it got off to a promising start; one of the two performers singing the house-keeping rules in a humorous and helpful tune.   But then it seemed to fall a little flat. Don’t get me wrong, the two performers were brilliant – great singing voices, giving it their all. It’s just that despite their best efforts, it never really seemed to take off. 

I’m no Broadway aficionado admittedly but I barely recognised any of the tunes and attempts at audience participation received a lukewarm response. I guess that’s to be expected when you’re singing to a bunch of sleep-deprived parents and their babbling babes. 

That being said, we all gave it some gusto for the Sound of Music’s “Do-Re-Mi” while “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from my childhood favourite, Mary Poppins, had us all on our feet and babes on outstretched arms, soaring above our heads.
For another song – I think it was about a train – we all joined in something resembling a conga; Granny keeping a dignified distance. Bubbles and a puppet also made an appearance but though the singers specifically stated the show was “all about the music” we thought that a little more could have been done visually. 

The show came to an end with Take That’s “Relight My Fire” (a slightly odd choice we thought)  but at least all the parents seemed to enjoy the 90s throwback.
Once home, cup of tea and a slice of cake in hand, Granny observed how animated and stimulated the wee man has been by the whole experience; smiling and babbling away to us despite being long overdue a nap. And that, is surely the point, despite my reservations it was an undeniable hit with the little people it was aimed at – and you can’t argue with that. 

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