About us


We are Holly and Rosie, two (relatively) new mums from either side of Peckham Rye Park, who have bonded over the tears, tantrums (largely our own) and tiredness of motherhood.

Having been slaves to baby nap regimes, which not only drove us a little insane but meant we were house bound more than we liked, we decided we quite literally had to get out more…and so the idea for Mother Culture was born. 

We needed to merge our new mum identities with the “old” us. So, in order to salvage our sanity we decided to step away from yet another parenting guide and back in to all the things that we love about London; namely its galleries and restaurants. Throwing some baby classes into the mix and other events that have sparked our interest, we thought it might be fun to document our experiences from our new-Mum perspectives in the hope that it might be in some way useful to other ladies and gents in a similar situation – and here we are!

We specifically wanted to “review” the places we have been for how mum-friendly they are. Of course these are all personal opinions, but we have rated them according to the things that have been most important to us in the last few months, namely: 

1) Cost

2) Accessibility

3) Facilities

4) Feeding-friendly

5) General vibes

… and then given an overall score out of five. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the places we’ve been too or suggestions on places to try out – so please, do get in touch! 

You can do so by following our escapades right here or on Instagram @motherculture_ldn or by emailing us at mothercultureldn@gmail.com